Motomco Tomcat Rough Cut Nuggets


Tomcat Rough Cut Nuggets are a versatile, easy to use bait that can be used to control rodents around your home or farm.  Formulated for maximum acceptance, Rough Cut Nuggets deliver excellent palatability without the need for additional processing or extrusion.  Rough edges encourage consumption by satisying a rodents' desire to gnaw.  Tomcat Rough Cut Nuggets provide economical control using the active ingredient Diphacinone, a multiple feed anticoagulant that has delivered proven results for more than 25 years.

- Contains Diphacinone, a multiple-feed 1st generation anticoagulant

- Economical choice, good for light to moderate infestations

- 1/2" Diameter nuggets with Rough Cut edges to encourage gnawing

- Proven bait formula for maximum acceptance

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